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Non Emergency Ambulance

A non-emergency ambulance service is provided by Asthra to senior folks. The majority of the excellent basic medical equipment makes travel easy. Non-Emergency Ambulances are equipped from the beginning with a basic first aid kit, a Weelchair, a stretcher, a heart rate monitor, and if required, an oxygen cylinder. Additionally, minor distances can be covered by this service. Non-Emergency Ambulances also offer a hassle-free journey in a stress-free environment that other vehicles on the road cannot. For a personal or medical journey, you can rent an ambulance.

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Our Services & Facilities

We are Best  Ambulance providing chennai  with advance medical tool and equipments required for immediate help for the patient  and  trained medical staff  and  ALS and BLS patient transportation . 

The following elderly needs are eligible for this service:

  • Pick And Drop To The Assisted Living Facility.
  • Seniors Want To Visit The Hospital For Their Regular Checkup Or Consultations
  • Assistance With Transportation To Hospital-Based Therapies Or Treatments.
  • Moving those who are taking medication and are unable to get around on their own to a desirable location
  • Transfers to hospitals for medical emergencies.

Patient support include moving people with little or no physical mobility. As a hard or incorrect shift could result in significant bodily pain or harm, this calls for a great deal of attention and supportive care. Dedicated to ensuring patient transportation is done in the most appropriate and discrete way possible, Patient Logistic Support is a unique medical division.